Book Illustrators

This is just a list of some of the illustrators who have worked on books we produce, plus a few more who are very good and might be worth contacting if you need an illustrator.

Please note: All artists need to be paid. Some charge more than others. There is little that annoys me more than people asking artists to work for free. You may have a friend who is willing to illustrate for you as a favour but at the very least you should pay them a royalty.

Maggie Davies

I should preface this with a warning that you probably have to know Maggie personally to get her to do any artwork for you. She is the illustrator of The Badgers of Briarwood, by Margaret Gardner and the two are longstanding friends. But Maggie is best known as a fine-artist of considerable renown. She is known for her somewhat abstract cityscapes and has exhibited in London, New York, Austin- Texas, and Miami.

London Docklands o2
150cm x 60cm

Amii James

Amii was at sixth form studying art when she was selected to illustrate For Cats’ Eyes Only by Olli Tooley. She has since also illustrated the other two books in the series; Dr Gnaw, and You Only Live Nine Times.

“My Legs” a cartoon response to those who said “all lives matter” in reference to the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Since leaving school she went on to study art and illustration at university as well as commencing a series of cartoons featuring minimalistic stick people and animals. Amii has a special talent for conveying an astonishing amount of emotion with just a few lines as well as having a rather wicked sense of humour.

Paul Humphreys – Inky Covers

Paul is best known for his excellent cover art under the name Inky Covers as well as producing animated book promos for social media and 3d modelling.

Paul designed the cover for Cod in Devon, by Sandy Fish. (Despite the title and author name it has nothing to do with fishing.) His bright and fun design was produced to the brief provided by Sandy and I think it captures the fun adventurous character of the book.

You can see more examples of his work at

Ian Pethers

Ian Pethers is responsible for the artwork on the cover of A Clattering Beneath the Woods by Sally Hubbard. He works from Glenrock studio in the Tamar Valley where he has worked as an illustrator and artist for thirty years. It was most pleasing to be able to work with an artist who can understand the needs of a book cover and perhaps more importantly can produce such beautiful work.

I think the cover art would make a magnificent jigsaw puzzle. Certainly this is one that I know, from customer commetns, really helps to sell the book.

Rob Page

Rob hasn’t done any work for Blue Poppy Publishing at the time of writing but I really hope that he does so at some point in the future. In fact, Rob is in part the reason this page exists, because he sent me a prospecting email today and his work is so good I thought the least I could do is promote him and other talented illustrators. Rob Page illustrator website.

Rob lives in Suffolk and, although we’re based in Devon, we’ve been spreading outwards, and Suffolk is where Sarah Kingdon-Ward (author of Go, Tony, Go!) lives.

I particularly love his children’s llustration portfolio. In addition, his “about me” section on his website just makes me want to work with him all the more as he seems to have a lot of similar interests to mine.