Steve Jamison – Author

Steve Jamison is a yoga teacher, therapist, and writer spending his time between central Portugal and South Devon. He began yoga in the 1970s and continued to practise daily as he travelled to, as he put it, “Find my way in the world.” He spent some years surfing in Africa before returning to the UK to form a band in London and then his own clothing design company, one of the first to design and successfully sell vegan clothes, including a collection to Bloomingdales in New York. During this period he took up Kyushindo karate, which he subsequently taught. Steve returned to ‘serious’ yoga twenty years ago, spent ten years learning from Ranju Roy and Jenny Beeken, and began teaching.  A Dog Called Buddha is his first book.

You can order copies of A Dog Called Buddha from any good bookshop (we do love it when our customers support their local bookshop) or direct from this website here.

Steve is an experienced yoga teacher. For more information about yoga classes visit his website here.