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The story of a journey in an old Land Rover with four rescued dogs through the foothills of the mountains in central Portugal to escape the wildfires raging across the country.
Along the way this little book explores our place here on earth, in nature, and the creatures we share it with. Yoga threads gently through its pages, weaving a pattern so that the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras, and the Upanishads are joined in their perennial truths, which become clear in the journey through the fire.

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She said “This is a book that you can read in a day but that will stay with you for years. Highly recommended.”

12 reviews for A Dog Called Buddha – Hardcover

  1. Julia (verified owner)

    A little book of treasures, delicately spiralling through realms of darkness, wonderment, blessing and love. I couldn’t help but read it again the very next day. Simply beautiful

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    A beautiful read. This is a gentle, lyrical, but gripping tale of the author’s escape, with his canine companions, from the rampaging fires devouring Portugal’s forests. One man’s story of his love of nature and animals and our deep connection to both.
    Throughout the story a thread of Yoga is cleverly woven, allowing us to understand how profound its effect can be to help calm and ground us in challenging times.
    The author’s knowledge of the classic Vedic texts is deep and he cleverly intersperses his tale with gems that have meaning and relevance even today in our modern world.
    Steve’s devotion to his non-human companions is poignant – in particular his great canine love – Lucy – an extraordinary Soul he rescued and grew to ‘know’ on another level; be prepared to weep!

  3. Margaret Luck (verified owner)

    Thank you for your special Blue Poppy Publishing note enclosed with the book and wishing me well at this unusual time. Steve Jamison writes well and his story is gripping. There are many flashbacks to other times in his life and he reminds us of the reasons why we might seek to use Yoga and the truths that exist in many of the well known teaching writings. I, for one, will need to re-read his messages and internalise some of those important messages that are very pertinent for our lives at this time (Covid 19). I loved the tales of the dogs during their flight in the land rover. Their four characters and that of the visitor, Buddha, certainly come out in this book. We are drawn to those links between nature and the spiritual side of our lives. From the road out of Cha, we are taken back in time to experience the author’s time in Africa and then back to the Valley of the Swallows. I will certainly re-read this book and hope there will be more to come in the future. Thank you Steve.

  4. Robert Bulling (verified owner)

    This a remarkable book beautifully written from an unusual, not to say unique perspective. Dogs are beings too, and a natural philosophy of oneness with natural things pervades every page. A gem.

  5. Anne Gibson (verified owner)

    This account of a flight across the fire-ravaged mountains of central Portugal with 4 rescued dogs in the back of an old Land Rover is a good read on several levels. Armed with little else on his journey but boundless compassion, a deep love of nature, and the practice and philosophy of yoga, Steve offers us reflections on negotiating the path we all have to make through our own personal forest fires. For me, in it’s own small way, it read like a one man’s Pilgrim’s Progress – an individual’s journey through danger and uncertainty to a safe refuge.
    There is nothing dry or academic about this book – the actual journey with all its twists and turns is a bit of a thriller, and the reflections on life and yoga along the way always relate to what’s going on at that moment, including practical tips for grounding a physical yoga practice in the everyday. The postures, we are reminded, are simply one of several yoga-based tools for enabling us to live more effectively in the here and now.
    I liked the time-slips between Now – the immediacy of the escape from the flames, and Then – the memories of and reflections on past experiences, into which is woven the timeless wisdom of yoga. A special bonus for me was a reminder of the beauty of the poetry of The Upanishads – the ancient Sanskrit spiritual writings that underpin yoga and Hinduism. It has made me return to them.
    The book is also very attractive as an object – 70 pages of text, plus 10 full page colour photos, all printed on good quality paper and beautifully bound in hardback. It would make an unusual and thoughtful present for anyone at all interested in yoga, be it a beginner or an old hand – and you could read it first before handing it over!

  6. Oliver Tooley

    I particularly approve of the advice to read it first before handing it over.
    In fact, I would not suggest you give any book as a gift that you have not read or at least have a passing knowledge of.

  7. Joanne Pedrick (verified owner)

    This book is an inspiration and a joy. It pretty much navigates me through the chaos of covid-19 and life itself. Written with such purity and yet skillfully managing to connect the reader with many levels of consciousness! I will be reading it over and over again.Thank you.

  8. Steve Scott (verified owner)

    Truly heart-warming story of author’s obvious love of nature and his spiritual journey through this world, allowing his great knowledge of yoga to flow throughout the book at what I believe is just the right balance to enlighten those with no knowledge of yoga but satisfying for those with the knowledge.
    The beautiful description of Steve’s relationship [with his rescue dogs is something] which I think all of us that have had that fantastic relationship with our dog can truly relate to.
    Steve Scott

  9. William Ferdinand (verified owner)

    An excellent and well timed guide! We should all be able to relate to this author’s journey and to the metaphorical swathes of fire that we all meet as we travel through this life. I found this story to be truly heart warming, fascinating and deeply informative on a spiritual level, thank you. From the looming apocalypse of the fires in Portugal to Steve’s time spent in Africa, one is provided with exceptional treasures of imagery at each turn. A spiritual journey to the end of days and back again with all the questions one would meet along the way. A highly recommended read!

  10. hazel hamilton (verified owner)

    I liked this book very much, the descriptions of nature, the way it joins up the journey through the fire with the dogs the animals wildlife and the love shared. how yoga is seemlessly weaved into the whole story, the authors time in Africa and how compassion helps us through. Highly recommended

  11. Terry Macalister (verified owner)

    Forest fires, stray dogs, psychotropic drugs and hatha yoga. This is a compelling journey across landscapes – both external and interior. Its like Carlos Castaneda turns Dog Whisperer and stumbles on some Gritty Truths.

  12. Donna Parsons (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this book and it was a very timely and welcome read in these troubled times, giving me strength to see beyond and reconnect with what is truly important in life. Beautiful writing by a very talented and lovely man who is an inspiration and from whom we can learn so much.

  13. Liv (verified owner)

    This precious guide to life and working through its many fiery moments came at a time where I needed it most – during the Lockdown of 2020. The book details the author’s treacherous navigation through the wildfires that plagued the hills of central Portugal in a Land Rover alongside his four-legged friends. This recount is intertwined with a deep underlying message urging each of us to rekindle our profound and most important connection with the natural world and other sentient beings with whom we share it. With interesting interjections of Yogic philosophies I understood that we should all aim to revolve in unison and embrace our heart energy and spirituality in troubled times like these. Lockdown had led me to become accustomed to staying indoors in my small city based flat, I cherished days where I would take ‘A dog called Buddha’ to my local green space, it became a welcomed companion and reference in these trying times.

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