Nick Terry – Author

Nick is the author of the memoir One For the Book, Son which is available in hardcover or in paperback from this website. It is also available in these formats from Waterstones, Amazon, and all good bookshops, and as an ebook or audiobook from the usual outlets including Amazon.

Nick was born on 24 March 1960 in Corby.
His parents moved to Birmingham when he was just a year old. They divorced when he was ten and he moved to the Cotswolds with his mother and his older brother. He moved back to live with his Dad four years later and has remained living in the Midlands ever since.
At 17 he started his own Courier Company and by the age of 42 he sold the business, which at that time was employing just under two hundred staff.
Throughout his life, strange wonderful and unbelievable coincidences kept happening to him, these were so truly amazing he decided to write a book about them and how they helped steer his personal and business life.
Today he lives in Worcestershire with his wife Diane and his dog Bailey.