Allan Boxall – Author

I had an email from popular local author Liz Shakespeare, asking me if I was interested in publishing a memoir that had been sent to her. I read the first chapter and decided immediately that I would love to publish “A Breath of Moonscent“.

Allan left school at the age of 15 and worked as a farm  labourer until joining the Royal Navy as a naval cook at the age of 16. He served in the RN for twenty-four years, spending some time on ships based on the Far East Station and West Indies Station. Pensioned at 40, he worked as a chef until retirement. He is now into his eighties and a widower, living with his youngest daughter Sarah on the outskirts of Plymouth. 

Cover of "A Breath of Moonscent"

Having always dreamed of being a writer, he now wishes he had knuckled down to it much sooner!

Allan was quick to inform me that he could not promote his memoir of growing up in Dolton, Devon during World War II. However, the book has still been consistently one of our bestsellers because it is beautifully well written and because Liz Shakespeare has been championing it.