We are inviting submissions for Devon short stories

This submission window is now closed although I will be producing another short story collection at some point in 2023

Do feel free to get in touch if you have a story to send in, but be prepared for a long wait.

Submission criteria.

You should live in Devon. I like to work with people I can meet. I don’t want to meet you, but I would like to be able to if it becomes necessary, e.g. to deliver a box of books.

The story must be set in Devon.

It can be any genre except for horror or erotica. I don’t mind romance or suspense, but I don’t want any ick, or gore.

Length is fleixible but in the region of 2,500 words is ideal.

The money is, frankly rubbish. I can only pay  £10 so if you are writing for money … well .. why are you writing at all? You shouldn’t be doing it for the money because it will NEVER be enough.

Blue Poppy will be covering ALL production costs and you will NOT be required to buy any books. You will even get a free author copy.

If you want to buy copies you can at a special discounted price that will make it worth your while selling copies to friends, but you DON’T have to.

That’s more or less everything you need to know right now. If you are still interested, leave a message below and I will contact you with more detailed info. I don’t like putting the email on here as it attracts spam. (it’s info @ the URL though)

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