Joni Dee – Author

Author Interview with Joni Dee - Stephen BentleyJoni Dee is a Canadian/Israeli author living and working in London while he pursues his dream of becoming the next bestseller.

His book “And The Wolf Shall Dwell” is a political/spy thriller set mainly in London, but with some events taking place in the Middle East and Russia.

Imagine being knocked over by a strange old man on a cold London morning…
The man delivers a garbled message about the Queen…
Moments later he falls under the wheels of a train…
The media calls it suicide, but you know better – something doesn’t quite add up….

That was the start of the day for John Daniel, a foreign professional working in the city of London.
Meanwhile, retired MI6 agent Adam Grey receives a call from an old informant:
“Your service is rotten…”

Soon Adam is dragged out of retirement, and John is dragged into the murky world of international espionage, politics, and jihadi terrorism.
An intense and explosive thriller that hits frighteningly close to the truth for a work of fiction.

And the Wolf Shall Dwell – cover art

To buy “And the Wolf Shall Dwell” in the UK you can go here or if you are elsewhere in the world it might be cheaper to get it at Amazon.

For more information about Joni, check out his website here