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Origins of Blue Poppy Publishing

The imprint was set up in 2016 to publish the “Wise Oak” series of Books by Oliver J. Tooley.

Growth of the brand

It seemed natural to offer the opportunity to other authors to get their books published under the Blue Poppy imprint in order to benefit from mutual experience and promotional efforts. As a result, in 2017 we will be publishing books from three different authors.

Ben Blake

Ben is an experienced self publisher with six books already in print, but he wanted to come under the Blue Poppy umbrella to take advantage of the opportunities for shared promotional efforts. His two book series begins with “Black Lord Of Eagles” launching on 7th April at Barnstaple Library. See HERE for more details.

Joni Dee

Joni is a professional, working in Central London, with a dream to become a successful author. His first book “And The Wolf Shall Dwell” has already generated a substantial number of pre-orders. For more information see HERE

Oliver J Tooley

“Women of the Wise Oak” The second in the Wise Oak series has hit the crowdfunding goal and will be published sometime in the summer. He is also publishing the first of a new series for younger readers (6-8Yrs)
“For Cats’ Eyes Only” features terrible puns, fart jokes, and action. It also has plenty of interest mums and dads reading to their children. More info HERE

Authors looking to get published

Let’s be clear, Blue Poppy is not a big publishing house with money to spend on developing potential new authors. It is just one person; Olli Tooley. BUT; the process of publishing Children of the Wise Oak has taught many valuable lessons already. If you are a North Devon based author who wants to self publish but would prefer to do it under an umbrella of an existing imprint; if you are willing to finance your own printing or to crowdfund it, as I did with CotWO, then Blue Poppy may be able to help.

Organising an editor, cover design, formatting (ugh formatting!) printing, distribution, ISBN, e-books, Amazon listings, publicity, and all sorts of other little things can take a lot of time and energy that could be spent writing the next book. I can give advice and help avoid wasted time, as well as actually doing some of the jobs outright. At all times it will be your book, your copyright, your project. Any genuine costs will be openly discussed but, having done this as an author, I am painfully aware of the need to generate sales profits to pay for stuff, so I won’t be looking for profits off your hard work up front. If the book sells well, everyone does well.


Blue Poppy is not interested in publishing anything overtly “adult” e.g. erotica or horror. Nor really anything that is specifically “romance”.
What would be most welcome is fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi, adventure, mystery, YA, and other stuff with a broad age range appeal.
Non-fiction will also be considered.