Looking for the next big thing.

Preferably from Devon

OK, full disclosure up front. Blue Poppy Publishing is not a convetional publisher with a big budget to sign up new authors or splurge money on promotion.

If you are seeking that kind of deal and are willing to deal with rejection then I wish you every success. But if like me, you can’t face the prospect of sending your M/S off to endless agents, and reading endless rejection letters, or if you have already done that and got demoralised then you may be interested.

If you are still reading, then here comes another point which might put you off. If you are the sort of person who wants full control of everything and you are brilliant at turning your hand to a wide range of skills including financing, finding editors, cover designers, printers, getting an ISBN, promoting, pushing to bookshops, getting your book into libraries, bookkeeping and a host of other skills, then you probably don’t need me (although we might find we can help each other).

So, if you are STILL here, maybe you should get in touch. But you might still be wondering what I can offer and what’s in it for me?

What can BPP offer

Experience. I have so far written and published five books. Of those the first four are short stories for young readers which are only available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon paperback. The fifth is a full novel published by Blue Poppy, and available on all e-book platforms and in paperback on Amazon, and in local bookshops with full UK availability being organised at time of writing.

In addition, Blue Poppy has three more authors with books either already published or due to publish soon.

Skills & contacts. I raised nearly £2,000 via crowdfunding to publish “Children of the Wise Oak”. I had to organise every stage of the process without help (barring what I could find out online or from friends). I learned a lot along the way, found a great printer, a terrific graphic designer, and a lovely and meticulous editor. I also got 100 ISBNs of which I expect to use about fifty in the next ten years.

An Umbrella. All our authors have a vested interest in promoting the brand and their fellow authors. We also try to make sure that each book carries cross promotion in the end pages where appropriate.

Having a name and a logo adds an air of professionalism, and we never deliberately allow a poor quality product to hit the market.

What’s the deal?

Who has control?Artistic control is entirely yours. You retain your copyright. You will have a large say in what professional services we use.

What about money? BPP is brand new, with just a handful of titles so far. There is no money. If you publish with us, we will either crowdfund it, or you will pay the actual costs. e.g. printing, designers, editing, formatting, promotional materials. If it costs money then it has to be paid for. Our collective knowledge is free.

So what are we looking for?

Family friendly fiction. If you have read this far and you have the next “50 shades”, or “The Shining” on your laptop then, alas, I’m really sorry to have wasted your time.

I’m not necessarily looking for children’s fiction, although submissions are welcome. What I mean is that I’ll consider fantasy, historical fiction, crime, sci-fi, YA, romance; almost any fiction genre, just so long as the content is not the equivalent of an 18 rated film.

Why? Because I don’t like that kind of thing myself.

Last thing. The more local you are to North Devon, the easier it is to work together and create a mutually beneficial brand. I’m in Ilfracombe, and just don’t fancy schlepping to London or New York for a meeting about cover designs.


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