Sandy Fish – Author

Sandy first got in touch via our contact form (proving, perhaps, that my SEO efforts have been fruitful).

She lives in the West Country with her important people, a few cats (who believe they are important too) and a pond full of frogs.

She has worked in local radio, circus, stage and very small screen before heading off to the private sector for a chapter of stability. Most recently she retired from Devon and Cornwall Police, the finest police force in the land.

When she can sit still long enough, she writes. When she can’t sit still, she walks. Sandy was also the instigator, organiser, and promoter of the immensely successful Hartland Book Festival which took place for the first time ever in March 2020 just before the pandemic forced us to put all events on hold.

Her first novel, “Cod in Devon!” is, despite the title, nothing to do with fishing. It is, rather, an adventure concerning a retired police officer (always good to write about what you know) for whom a simple family reunion starts going disastrously wrong from the moment she arrives a few minutes late to meet her sister at the station.

Cod in Devon! is about that gap between a proper job and no job at all. But ultimately, it’s a heart-warming adventure about love and family and acceptance.

You can find her on Twitter @SandyFishWrites.