How to contact Blue Poppy Publishing

Whether you want to ask about publishing your book, or want to ask a question before buying a particular book . Maybe you are a teacher, librarian, or youth worker and want someone to come and do a talk or craft session. Perhaps you just want to follow us on social media, here are the contact details.

Blue Poppy Publishing on Facebook

Facebook users if you just want to keep up with Blue Poppy’s page there here’s the link. We do post now and again. Don’t forget to set your notifications so you actually see our posts.

Blue Poppy Publishing on Twitter

For regular Twitter users you can follow the account here. We tweet a reasonable amount, mostly RTs of our authors, or other favourite accounts, and a few promotional messages.

 Email and snail mail contact details

To prevent spam we have an email contact form.

If you need to write to us, please send us a message first because, being a small business, we still operate from a domestic address in Ilfracombe, Devon.

    Blue Poppy Publishing on Instagram

    To be honest, even though I was told we should have an Instagram presence, and I did set up an account, I rarely post anything. But if you really want to follow us on there, be my guest. We might get a social media team one day.