Anne Bainbridge – Author

Anne Bainbridge was born in Ilfracombe and has lived most of her life in North Devon. She trained as a secondary school teacher, although she has taught students of all ages both in the classroom and the community and still teaches occasionally in a local primary school.

She has a B. Phil. Ed. and an MA in English – Film Study Pathway, as well as taking a creative writing module at the University of Exeter.

She cannot remember a time when she wasn’t making up stories in her head, at night to bring on sleep or in school to dispel boredom. Making up stories for her children gave her the opportunity to fulfil her love of storytelling.

 This book is the realisation of a long-held desire to put some of those stories into print to be enjoyed by a wider audience.

Front cover of “Weathering the Storm” a collection of short stories, by Anne Bainbridge.

Anne approached us in March 2019 to discuss the possibility of publishing her short stories as a collection. Her intention from the start was, seemingly, to tick an item of a bucket list.

  • Write a book and get it published ?

Being a former teacher she had done an excellent job of editing, with a couple of extra pairs of eyes giving the text a good going over as well. She had already decided on the title, “Weathering the Storm” and had a photograph, which she herself had taken, which she wanted to use for the cover (a rather atmospheric moody looking sky with skeletal trees).

So, apart from formatting the interior, and creating the cover wrap (stretching the photograph into landscape and adding text) there wasn’t an awful lot that I needed to do.

The finished book is a delight; easy to read in short chunks and, perhaps most importantly, it has already made Anne a profit.

Prelaunch promotional image for Weathering the Storm by Anne Bainbridge