Blue Poppy Publishing Authors

Begun in 2016 by Oliver J. Tooley, Blue Poppy Publishing has helped a growing number of authors to bring their books to market. This is where you can find out more about them and their books.

Ben Blake

Ben was the first author to publish a book through Blue Poppy. He had already self-published six books but decided to publish his next two-part series “Blessed Land” with Blue Poppy. He has since gone back to working solo, and although we no longer have any copies of “Black Lord of Eagles” or “Fanged Fish” you can still buy them and Ben’s other books in paperback and ebook on Amazon and other sites.


Krissy came to us with an already finished book which had been produced as an ebook and print-to-order paperback. It was part of a planned series of four “The Redcroft Journals” and we did produce a small run of the first, “The Missing Journals” and then second “The Raven Stones“books in the series. She sourced a superb cover designer and the covers for all four books look epic. Since leaving the UK, it has not been practical to work together although I love her stories and am pleased to see she has got the third book out and, presumably the fourth will follow at some point. (date stamp 17-08-2019)

Joni Dee

Jonathan approached Blue Poppy with a challenge. He had literally hundreds of pre-orders for his contemporary espionage thriller “And the Wolf Shall Dwell” but the company that had agreed to publish it were being difficult and he felt he needed to break with them and find someone else.

The fact that Joni lives in London was balanced out by the fact that he had already sold enough books to break even as a minimum. The story is a gripping thriller very much in the John le Carré mould, featuring spies and counter spies, corrupt politicians, and Jihadi terrorists, and a pair of highly relatable protagonists; one a retired spy forced back into the game, the other a professional in the City of London, dragged into it despite his total inexperience.

It is worth noting that Joni has spent some time working in military intelligence and, while no state secrets are revealed, he knows the subject.

Shiela Golding

Shiela is a lovely grandmother from Ilfracombe who writes mainly for pleasure and to entertain her own children and, more recently, their children. The origin of “Teeny Tiny Witch” was part of a comission to produce a character for children’s entertainment at a holiday resort. But sadly the plan fell through and the drawings, along with Sheila’s story were no longer needed. She asked if Blue Poppy would pick up some of the pieces and produce a book, which we did, and it has been very successful.

Sheila was worried the limited edition hardback would not sell well, but it has done alright and indeed there are only a handful left of the print run of 100. (date stamp 17-08-2019)

Janet Few

Janet is not only one of the most experienced authors to publish with Blue Poppy, but she is also one of the most professional and successful. She has a considerable back-catalogue of non-fiction titles dealing with history, particularly social history, and genealogy. Janet Few on Amazon.

Her first Novel, “Barefoot on the Cobbles” immediately became our best and most consistent selling book, and continues to sell well online, in local bookshops, and at events such as summer fairs, craft markets, etc. Being set in North Devon certainly helps in that respect.

Janet is working on a new book, details of which will hopefully be revealed as they become available. All I know is that it is set several centuries further in the past than Barefoot on the Cobbles.

Allan Boxall

Allan came to Blue Poppy via another superb and much loved local author, Liz Shakespeare. She writes and publishes under the “Letterbox Books” imprint with a red letterbox as her logo. In fact, it was from her that the idea to use a publishing name came about, and whence Blue Poppy was created. Allan sent his manuscript to Liz, however, she only publishes her own books, but she loved the story and so she passed it on to me. I also loved it and to cut a long story short, “A Breath of Moonscent” is now selling in simlar numbers to “Barefoot on the Cobbles” and is available in many local bookshops as well as Neil’s Butcher’s Shop in Dolton village, where the book is set.

It is a memoir telling the story of Allan’s formative years from the age of five when his family moved from Surrey to rural north Devon during World War Two, until he left home to join the Royal Navy, aged 15. Allan himself says he hoped to evoked the work of Laurie Lee, and I was instantly reminded of Gerald Durrell while reading it. The book is beautifully written in lyrical prose, and evokes a time long since gone yet still a distant memory for a few.

Oliver J. Tooley

A.K.A. Olli Tooley, when writing for children. Well that’s me folks, and I can’t exactly sing my own praises now can I?

As Oliver J. Tooley I have the “Wise Oak” series, beginning with “Children of the Wise Oak“, then “Women of the Wise Oak“, with the third book “Men of the Wise Oak” in production now (date stamp 17-08-2019).

The Wise Oak series is set in the first century BCE and follows the adventures of a group of Celtic mages, the mystical “Deru-Weidi” who hold all the lore and mythology, and the knowledge of medicine and science of their people in their heads; all passed down through oral teaching. There are many Deru-Weidi; among them a few posess real magical powers; of these few, a tiny number, are immensely powerful and none more so than The original Deru-Weido, Kaito.

Tied in with the fates of the Deru-Weidi is the growing influence of the Roman Republic, and a hazy prophecy that suggests Rome will produce a war leader who will conquer the rest of Gaul and even invade the island known as Pretan. Kaito’s three great-grandsons set out to learn the ways of the Deru-Weidi and prepare for an unknown threat from across the seas, possibly involving a young Roman Patrician named Gaius Julius Caesar.

Age suitability. There are no age certificates for books, but to give potential readers an idea, and by no means suggesting this series is directly comparable to them, I would suggest the level of violence and adult content in the Wise Oak series is about halfway between the Harry Potter series, and the Game of Thrones series. I hope that helps.

Olli Tooley

O.K. that’s still me, but writing for kids.

For Cats’ Eyes Only

Felix Whiter is a cool cat, licenced to chill. He works for “A.I.S.” that’s animal intelligence services. He’s part detective, part spy; animals have a different set-up from us humans. His boss is a female mouse called M. He also ha has … errr “help” from Ollie the Owl who is (not based on me) very forgetful and incompetent.

When Felix needs information he nearly always finds it at the local public liibrary thanks to his friend Cathy, who is a giggly pig librarian. If he wants anything to do with computers and the internet he goes to see Sydney the spider who is always on the web.

He’s not keen on dogs, which is unfortunate because he is assigned a new partner who is, oh but that’s book 2. “Dr Gnaw” and “You Only Live Nine Times” are also available from this website or in all good bookshops. Book 4 is “What’s Up Duck?” and is due out sometime in 2019 or early 2020. (datestamp 17-08-2019)