Mrs Slocombe’s Bull at a Gate Cookery Book



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Format: Hardcover A4

ISBN: 978-1-911438-64-9


Definitely a cookery book with a difference, while the recipes are serious (well all but one anyway) there is a quirky and eccentric approach to the rest of the book.

Tracey Slocombe, AKA Mrs Slocombe, is from Devon farming stock, brought up in the rough and tumble world of native breed cattle, green wellies, thick mud, and getting the job done in all weathers.

She advocates cooking from scratch, shopping local, and if at all possible, knowing exactly which farm your food comes from.

In this full-on book Mrs Slocombe takes you around the world in Feasts for a Gathering, gets you tipsy in Seven Drunken Nights, and keeps you amused with rib-tickling stories while you’re waiting for the bread to rise. Read about Mrs Slocombe’s Favourite Way to Cook Meat, and Life on the Veg, and maybe take your life ni your hands and have a go at making Rice Pudding the Hard Way.

The book contains 160 pages of recipes funny stories and chat interspersed with loads of full colour photographs and several fun cartoons drawn by Braunton artist Ian Shapland. It will be just as much at home on the coffee table as in the kitchen and a great gift for anyone who loves cooking or North Devon.

Guest Recipes

Mr Slocombe’s Bull at a Gate Cookery Book also includes guest recipes from local author, smallholder and radio presenter Simon Dawson, and author, publisher and former radio presenter Olli Tooley.
Julie Kingdom has contributed her recipe for fruit cake that was a favourite of the late great Johnny Kingdom, and there’s a recipe for Viking Mead created for local film and TV celebrity Julian Seager.

North Devon Specialities

Look out for the cocktails celebrating the River taw and Ilfracombe, Hartland’s Tiddy/Teddy/Toddy Pastries and Milton Damerel Pork Pies.

You can also find a recipe for Beef Torrington, in honour of the Torrington Cavaliers who do loads of great work for charity.

Speaking of Charities…

There’s a recipe for Lickin’ Lips Liver Cake, to delight your pooch or pussy, with a nod to K9 Focus, and Mrs Slocombe’s fast becoming famous Gingerbread Montys, which are a small part of a wider campaign to help raise awareness of prostate cancer along with the All New Monty which inspired these little gingerbread representations of Willie Thorne and Jo Pasquale (with their blessing).




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