Oliver Tooley Author

The Alliance of Independent Authors - Author MemberOliver, who is generally know as Olli, is the founder of Blue Poppy Publishing. He hated writing at school, and often spent all lunchtime finishing work he had failed to do in class. Despite that he began his writing career many years later by creating a website about his Grandfather, Frank Kingdon-Ward; a famous plant collector.

That website led to Oliver’s first paid writing work, a 1,200 word article about Frank, for “The Great Explorers” Robin Hanbury-Tenyson, (Thames and Hudson) US Amazon link

With a family of four children, the next writing project was inspired by some little model dragons in a souvenir shop. The story it prompted would have been very cheesy and full of tropes, but fortunately, it turned into “Children of the Wise Oak”

While that book was slowly taking shape, Olli began writing a story for his youngest son who was not enjoying history lessons, where he was learning about Romans. It was about a boy who found a time tunnel that took him back to Roman Londinium, and had some adventures, including learning a bit of Latin. That book came out as “Time Tunnel to Londinium” and is now part of a growing four book series.

Olli continues to write new editions for both those series, and has recently completed a new children’s story about a group of animal agents. He is also working on a Victorian memoir, has a number of ideas for stage musicals, including one which he has already finished writing with his son, and has long term plans for a biography of his Grandfather.