For Cats’ Eyes Only

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Special Agent Felix Whiter always
gets his man… or tortoise.

Or does he? Sometimes the tortoise gives him the slip, and sometimes the real villain is… oh but that would be telling.

A fun, if sometimes silly, spy thriller for kids, with plenty of giggles for adults too. “For Cats’ Eyes Only” is packed with excitement, danger, terrible puns, and fart humour.

Educational allergy advice.

This is intended to be a purely FUN story and every effort has been made to remove all traces of education and morality from it, however it has been produced in an environment where educational elements are included in other books, and as such the publisher cannot be held liable should you inadvertently learn anything by reading this book.


Here’s a quick look at the first few pages


The End … Or is it?

“Not one more step, Swifty!”

Special Agent Felix Whiter sighted down the barrel of his Buckthorn and Beech .22 pistol at the tortoise, who had thought he was getting away. Swifty knew he could hide in his shell but, either way, there was no escape this time.

“Felix! I wish I could say I’ve been expecting you but, alas, it seems you have the upper hand.”

“Did you really think you could get away with it, Swifty?”

“Well, I guess I didn’t expect that you would be assigned to the investigation. You’re a cool cat, I’ll give you that.”

“My team are already rounding up your minions, and the lettuces are safely back in our warehouse. Now I just have to bring you in to make this a purrfect day.”

As the secret agent spoke, Swifty looked past him with a worried expression.

“I’m not falling for that old trick, Swifty. There’s nothing behind me.”

“Wanna bet?”

Felix swung round and sure enough, a little girl was coming towards them across the grass. She must have seen everything. Desperately he tried to hide the gun behind his back and dropped down onto all fours, purring and flicking his tail, but it was no use. He’d been caught.

The little girl looked at the cat, and then at the tortoise which was trying to look innocent and slowly sidling away towards a large oak stump.

“Did I just see you talking to that tortoise, puss-cat?” the little girl asked.


“It’s no use pretending, I know I saw you standing up and pointing a stick at the tortoise, and you’re wearing clothes, and you were definitely talking, although I didn’t hear what you were saying.”


Felix stalked over to the little girl and rubbed hard against her legs with his sides, purring and meowing for all he was worth.

‘Just a few minutes of this and she’s going to forget all about it,’ thought Felix.

Sure enough, the girl began to doubt herself. “I must have imagined it,” she said to herself as she scratched behind the cat’s ears. “I suppose some people do like to dress their cats in clothes as well,” she added.

At that moment, the cat turned its head to look at the point where the tortoise had been, only moments before. It was nowhere to be seen.

‘Drat!’ Felix thought.


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  1. Jonathan

    Felix the cat is an undercover agent, who is in hot pursuit of his arch-nemesis Swifty the tortoise, who naturally gets away without a trace. I don’t want to give up any more spoilers, as I can see through my telescreen that you’re biting your toenails. The book introduces the world of grown-up thrillers to kids, using the same jargon you would find in an everyday spy thriller, but keeping it simple and identifiable. For a thriller author like myself, this was a welcome approach. While I have to admit that my four year old didn’t completely understand the sarcastic tone, she was still very much fascinated to the story, and yes – dads are allowed to have fun too!”For Cats’ Eyes Only” is a much recommended read, especially if the old Disney books simply make you yawn. So if you want to zest-up bedtime story and help your kid develops a sense of humors – just say yes to Felix.

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