The Childhood of a Spy


Childhood of a Spy is the debut novel of Donna Goold who is an artist in Dorset. The story is related by the protagonist, Cat, as an adult woman to her own teenage daughter.

Cat has had a special fascination with a painting displayed in the national Gallery and, on a visit to see the painting, Cat reveals the entire story of her childhood and teenage years during which she became embroiled in a variety of criminal and shady activity.

Although the book is not written as a teenage or young adult novel it is eminently suitable for any reader from about age 12-13 upwards.

There is some violence but nothing too graphic. If it were made into a film the most it would be is a PG.

Trigger warning, a dog dies.


Format : Paperback 254 pages

Dimensions : 129mm x 198mm x 18mm

ISBN : 978-1-911438-85-4

From the back cover

Theft. Betrayal. Murder.
Cat has carried a lifetime of guilt.
So why should a visit to The National Gallery trigger a confession?
Cat reveals how her actions as a child led to a cascade of increasingly catastrophic events that drove her to become the ultimate criminal.
But was it enough to save the people she loved?
And will exposing her lifelong secrets help her to make the right decision now?


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