Mystery, Magic, & Mayhem – and a Sprig of Mistletoe



A collection of short stories and poems for children by various North Devon writers. Loosely gathered together under the headings in the title you will find a wonderful mixed bag of stories. There are thought provoking stories, like “The Smell of Bananas” or “Minty Mouse Goes to School”, adventurous stories like “A Den of Our Own” or “Delbert and Chaw”, charming stories like “Beaver’s Big Adventure” or “Humbug’s Christmas” magical stories like “Miss McAllister’s Magic Carpet” or “Santa’s Magic Sack”, and outright laugh-out-loud stories like “Daisy the Goat” and “Pink Blancmange”.

With contributions from

  • Rose Avery
  • Margaret Bowden
  • Amanda Chapple
  • Alison Davies
  • Ruth Downie
  • Ursula Gratton
  • Jessica McKinty
  • Mhairi McKinty
  • P. Kaye Palmer
  • Jean Rockall
  • Colin Smith
  • Sue Smith
  • Sue Somerville
  • Olli Tooley



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