A Clattering Beneath the Woods

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Polly has enjoyed an idyllic life but now everything is changing. Her family is in danger of losing their home in the Tamar Valley and the beloved woodland which surrounds it.

But then a very peculiar encounter introduces her to a subterranean and secretive people who have existed in the Valley for many centuries and who face their own perils.

Working together, and in secret, can Polly and her new-found friends save the beautiful wood and their way of life?

A charming story which will delight both children and adults alike. In a world where much is ‘dumbed down’ A Clattering Beneath the Woods is unashamedly literature for younger readers with a nod to such great works as Wind in the Willows, or Swallows and Amazons.

7 reviews for A Clattering Beneath the Woods

  1. David Braine

    This is a beautifully written story that adults and children will enjoy, it blends the real life and history of the Tamar valley with a fantasy tale with mystery and suspense. Well written with wonderful descriptions this is a novel that had been well crafted and I would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Jorja Harrison

    A real page turner,rich in detail and full of imagination making you always want to read more. I also learnt some new things such as that there use to be treacle miners! I think this is such a superb story and certainly one of my favourites. I especially loved it as my grandparents live in the Tamar Valley, so I can really imagine the scenery. I would definitely recommend this book, especially to people who love nature and wildlife.

  3. Sue Jerrett

    A beautifully eloquent engaging story making you want to keep turning the pages. It will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. I felt drawn into the story through the pages and knowing the author, the woods and the Tamar valley made it an extra special read. I would totally recommend it.

  4. Flo Rodgers (verified owner)

    Magical story set in the Tamar Valley. Wonderful world for children of all ages (and adults) to get engrossed in, you won’t want to put this down. Great reference to the history of the area and fun, playful characters throughout. A good book to help children escape the stresses of the modern day school world and get back in to nature. Would thoroughly recommend!!

  5. E. Wright

    A gift bought for myself and my children.
    an enjoyable read, set in an area we are familiar with, with an added bit of mystery.

  6. Wanda Savage

    This is a charming story, enticing us into a world of enchantment, bravery, and lots of sticky stuff!
    Built upon a sturdy framework of impeccable morals without sounding in the least bit evangelising, it highlights the themes of unquestioning family love, sensitivity to our natural surroundings, and responsibility to the environment.
    The story itself has mystery, adventure, triumph through adversity, a dastardly villain,, and a brave and determined heroine.
    As well as the main characters,, the other undoubted star is the Tamar Valley itself, whose beauty, mystery and secret history Sally reveals to us with passion and joy.
    I was enchanted by your delightful story, Sally, and wish you all success in your new career.

  7. Jan Morgan (verified owner)

    A wonderful story which takes you into a magical underground world full of intrigue, uncertainty, bravery and friendship. I love the way the characters develop, draw you in and make you feel part of the story.

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