You Only Live Nine Times



The third in the Felix Whiter, Animal Intelligence Services series is partly inspired by the James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice”. That’s why most of the story takes place in Japan. But, as usual, all sorts of other idiotic ideas cropped up and the story began to twist about and turn into a spoof of the worst (some might say best) martial arts movies, as well as having as many references to video games as could be squeezed in. The only reason there isn’t a car chase in which a turtle shell is used to destroy another car is because I just couldn’t find a way to include it without completely rewriting the story. There are several references to Japanese culture for which I can only apologise to any Japanese people reading this. I did however resist the temptation to include anything educational, in the tradition of the Felix Whiter stories this book is devoid of any useful moral or educational lessons. No need to thank me.


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