Cici: A Dog’s Tale

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In the depths of winter, Cici is thrown out and left to fend for herself in the middle of nowhere. Will she survive?
She begins a long and hazardous journey and on the way, meets with both kindness and cruelty. She begins to adjust to a hard life on the streets among dogs of all shapes, sizes, and characters. She gains and then loses a faithful friend in an old, streetwise dog. Will she ever find love and a place to call ‘home’?
A heartwarming tale of triumph over adversity that tugs at the heartsrings in the tradition of classics such as Black Beauty, Lassie Come Home, or Call of the Wild.

A recent email from a satisfied customer says; “The emotions I felt while reading felt so real, I wanted to keep turning the pages to see what would happen to Cici next, who she would meet and to see if they were going to be nice or make her life hard and if she would finally meet a nice family in the end.



9 reviews for Cici: A Dog’s Tale

  1. Tina Berry

    What a beautiful cover. So atmospheric, as are all the illustrations within the book. I was drawn in straightaway from the very beginning of the book and lived every moment with Cici as she navigated the hand in life that she had been given. There was kindness, and cruelty as the blurb warned us but it was handled in such a size manner. I never felt overwhelmed by sadness nor dare breathe too deep a sign of relief until the end, knowing she was safe and secure. I look forward to sharing this book with the children in my class when we return later in the year. I know many who will love it, and who like me will want to hear more of City’s adventures with her new owners.

  2. Oliver Tooley

    Thank you Tina, it’s so lovely to receive feedback about our books and I know Nicky will be thrilled to see this.
    I’m guessing you posted this on your phone and the autocorrect got in a few times along the way but the meaning is clear and much appreciated. 🙂

  3. Rebecca Eade

    My 10 year old granddaughter read this wonderful book, she spoke of how excited she was when reading each chapter, not knowing what was going to happen on Ci Ci next adventure.

  4. Emma doye

    Exciting read

  5. Tracy Buckley

    I read Cici: A dogs tale to my 7 year old daughter and she was so engrossed with it, my daughter loves books but she was really taken with this one. Throughout the book she was asking loads of questions about what was going on and guessing what was going to happen next. She really started to feel how Cici was feeling. Well done Nicky can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Sandy Fish

    Enjoyed this little journey of a tale. A dog has feelings as real as any that we possess and sad things can happen to them. The illustrations add to the atmosphere and together with the dialogue, capture the hope and the faith that a dog craves from the human heart. This is a nice little book which is entirely suitable for the younger reader and adults alike.

  7. Wendy Cook

    Ever wondered what a rescue dog may have endured to find its forever home? This is a wonderful story about just that.
    After being dumped in the middle of nowhere in the freezing weather, Cici is left to fend for herself. This book takes you on her journey, facing her daily challenges with unexpected twists, to try and find happiness again. This is a charming read . Looking forward to more by this author.

  8. Karen Lennox

    This first book by Nicola Hedges grabs you from the first line. The narrative style adds to the underlying feelings of foreboding, anxiety and fear of an abandoned dog. It is a tale which might be told by the fire and still leave the audience shivering. She manages to create atmosphere with graphic descriptions which leave a lasting impression on the reader’s mind. This is balanced by interjections of relief and hope and rounded off by a final triumph over adversity.
    Nicola paints vivid scenes which are easily visualised even though unfamiliar. The action carries you along and you can’t wait to turn the page. She writes in reaction to the huge issue of street dogs and looks sensitively at a range of responses. Your heart is broken by the fate of some of the characters she meets but sores with anticipation of better things to come for a tenacious, loveable dog.

  9. Kate Le Petit

    With this third person narrative, Nicola skilfully manages to delve into the heart of an abandoned animal, searching for hope, acceptance and love. Navigating a world without dialogue for precious Cici adds to the credibility of this tale of survival of a street dog. It is enchanting, well-paced and succeeds in building suspense, to the extent that I read it in one sitting! This is testament to the empathy the reader feels as we accompany Cici on her journey for a loving home.
    I would thoroughly recommend this novella to younger readers aged 7-12 and it would also be a superb tale to read to younger children. For anyone interested in animal welfare, it is also a fascinating imagined insight into the plight of all animals and their treatment at the hands of us humans.

  10. Sandra

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Cici , it was captivating start to finish. I would definitely recommend this book .

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