The Cream of Devon – Short Story Anthology


An Anthology of Short Stories
From the County the Rhymes with Heaven

Paperback 198mm x 129mm – 176 pages

ISBN: 978-1-83778-0006




A collection of short stories set in Devon, written by authors from Devon.

With twenty-one stories by seventeen different authors covering a wide range of genres including historical fiction, timeslip, fantasy, science-fiction, comedy, mystery, and romance, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Some of the authors are new faces, while others are old stalwarts, but all are inventive and creative writers.

Contributing authors:
  • Alex Morrison
  • Caroline Berry
  • Colin Smith
  • Damien Mansfield
  • Darren Colwill
  • Ella Hobson
  • Irene Sugden
  • Jade Ruby
  • Jane Bheemah
  • Katie Mallett
  • Lalla Merlin
  • Maria Kinnersley
  • Nathalie Denzey
  • Oliver J Tooley
  • Pamela Vass
  • Ralph Bell-Ley
  • Val Allsup


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