Magical Mossy in Boscastle – Paperback

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1st Book in the “Kids of Kernow” series

Format : Paperback 52 pages

Dimensions : 129mm x 198mm x 4mm

ISBN : 978-1-911438-84-7

From the back cover

Join Mossy and her raven Kismet on this empowering journey!
Discover how Kernow magic lasts forever – just as Oli does, when Mossy shows him how to change his thoughts to not be frightened of crowds, ever again!
Suggested reading age 7+

Praise for Mossy

“A very engaging and accessible story, perfect for this age group but also accessible to a younger child if read by an adult.” ~~~ SEND case officer & qualified EYFS Teacher. J Griffin

“The Author takes the effective tools we have available and gets the message across, making our children’s lives easier to experience” ~~~ Philip Underwood NLP Master Practitioner and Certified NLP Trainer

The Author has transferred their knowledge of NLP, together with their experiences and expertise in promoting children’s emotional well-being into a magical story that cuddles a child’s soul.

11 reviews for Magical Mossy in Boscastle – Paperback

  1. Linda Humphries

    ” Having just read Lally Turner’s book ‘ Magical Mossy in Boscastle’ , I am totally overwhelmed by how much thought and care has gone into the writing of this book for children!

    Not only is it a magical book for any child to read – about such a magical place in Cornwall- but it is also a fantastic prop for some children who have social or confidence issues. The way Lally uses the main character to unravel another child’s fear of crowds will help countless children with similar issues, hopefully allowing them the freedom that Oli found.

    Well done, Lally, an amazing book for children of all ages and especially, for some who need a little extra support at times!

  2. Mary Jones

    “Congratulations on such an amazing achievement with Mossy and Kismet. What a lot of work to make a truly fantastic book. Well done you.”

  3. Jane Miles

    “I think that this is a lovely little book. The detailed descriptions of Mossy and Kismet, together with the fabulous illustrations really bring these characters to life. I could imagine these in animations! Perfect stories for schools.”

  4. Glenn Turner

    ” The characters we meet in ‘ Magical Mossy in Boscastle’ are charming, relatable and interesting. I like to think I have the capacity to be like Mossy, and recognise myself in both Kismet & Oli. This story of kindness & overcoming fear is brilliant in its simplicity, reminding us all that we have our own magical powers.

    Sometimes we just need a Mossy to remind us!”

  5. Jennifer Griffin

    ” A very engaging and accessible story, perfect for this age group but also accessible to a younger child if read by an adult.”

  6. Paul Turner

    “As an NLP Practitioner I have often thought they should teach elements of it in schools. That may not happen but now Lally has cleverly woven NLP into this wonderful book and now children can get all the benefits of NLP in a fun and accessible way. Love it!”

  7. Arcturus Book shop. Totnes, Devon.

    “Absolutely wonderful book with a key message & glorious artwork.”

  8. Audrey Minks

    ” It is a lovely book & beautifully written, well done!”

  9. Helen Duggan-Taylor

    “Such a beautifully written and thoughtful book that will, without a doubt, inspire confidence in children (and their parents). Andy Templar’s stunning illustrations bring Mossy and Kismet to life beyond the page. Throughout the book you can appreciate the love, passion and knowledge that Lally has not only for her characters but for helping children like Oli through valuable NLP techniques. I strongly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next instalment!”

  10. Mandy Driver

    “Lally’s characters, Mossy and Kismet, enable and enchant the young reader into understanding they can help themselves. We join them on a fabulous journey that not only helps them to overcome fears but also teaches them about wonderful places, like Boscastle, too!
    I enjoyed your book immensely and will be sharing it at every opportunity possible, working as a Primary School T.A.”

  11. Trea Schaar

    “I started reading Magical Mossy and was immediately captivated by the enchanting Mossy and the confident Kismet, who you both want to have in your life! The sense of humor, the friendship between them and the setting in Cornwall makes it complete. AND then, there is the message: the way Mossy gives Oli the tools to help him with his self esteem is heart warming and so necessary in these turbulent times. I hope this book can be read by as many children (and adults like me) as possible. Can’t wait for the next book!!”-

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