Surprise Surprise! – Tales With a Twist in Verse


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Some poets spend hours traipsing through fields of daffodils and gazing at clouds, or trawling through heroic epics to find their muse.*

Katie Mallett takes inspiration from everyday events and things that exasperate her, make her laugh, or in some way cause a reaction.

These poems are fun and accessible, there is no desire to plumb the darkest depths of human emotion or to wrap complex concepts into enigmatic verbiage.

These are poems that everyone can understand and relate to. Perhaps that’s why she has had poems published in ‘Essex Countryside’, ‘New Statesman’, ‘Spectator’, ‘Literary Review’, ‘The Oldie’, and various anthologies.

Katie was also the BBC Essex Poet for half a decade and regularly contributed odes on the stories of the day to “Wake Up With Terry Wogan”.

* We’re definitely not knocking those poets by the way. Especially since were have also published two excellent historical fiction novels centred on the life of the great Samuel Taylor Coleridge, written by Bethany Askew. 



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