The Sibling Sense


Format – paperback

129mm x 198mm


Psychological Thriller


A near fatal car crash in the wilds of Dartmoor leaves Luna in a coma. Although she hears conversations around her hospital bed, she is powerless to communicate.
The formidable Nate reassures the authorities that she is his wife. But Stella, a feisty woman with a drink problem, insists the patient is her missing sister. Inspector Stone, tasked with establishing the identity of the casualty, has little patience for Stella who has a history of wasting police time.
Banished from the hospital, Stella embarks on her own investigation, risking everything in a nail-biting mission to get her sister back, and expose Nate’s dark secret…
Will reaching into the mind of a psychopath save her sister’s life or will she unearth more victims?


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