Sally the Seagull


Sally is a seagull who does what comes naturally to her, namely stealing food, dive-bombing unsuspecting humans, and dropping the occasional bit of guano on people’s heads.

Until one day she gets stuck in a plastic carrier bag and is rescued by an unexpected hero.

This is a story about kindness and also about helping the environment.

Both the author and illustrator are from Ilfracombe in North Devon and although the story is set in the fictional seaside town of Port-O-Tat, anyone who knows Ilfracombe will recognise the front cover image immediately.


From the back of the book.

Sally is a naughty seagull who torments the locals and visitors in an English seaside town and delights in stealing their food. But, after a frightening encounter, Sally learns some important lessons about kindness and taking care of the environment.

A proportion of profits will be donated to a charity supporting homeless people.


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