Keratin Kid


An ideal summer read for readers around 8 -12 years.

Archie’s North Devon holiday takes an exciting turn as he discovers he has inherited a superpower.

Illustrated with a dozen line drawings also by the author.

ISBN: 978-1-911438-98-4

This book is especially good for voracious younger readers.


From the back cover

Archie lives with his dad in London, but this summer he will be staying with his aunt in North Devon. An aunt he didn’t know existed until his dad had to take a job working abroad.
All Archie’s worries are quickly swept away when he sees his room and is given more pocket money than he’s ever seen in his life. This holiday is going to be epic!
Even a gang of bullies can’t ruin it, can they?
Then there is his family history; especially the mysterious Great-Grandpa George, whose hidden journal holds an amazing secret.
As Archie discovers a magical power at his fingertips, will he use it to help others, or to defeat the bullies?

A delightful story sparkling with magic, adventure, and kindness.


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