Exmoor Tales – Autumn – by Ellie Keepers


A collection of true tales of life living on Exmoor, accompanied by over 60 full and half page colour photographs of the landscapes and wildlife of Exmoor.

138mm x 216mm x 7.5mm paperback 108pp 60+ full colour photographs.

ISBN 978-1-83778-001-3


Exmoor Tales is a circular series of four books; one for each season. The first published is this one, Autumn, but you can start anywhere with the series and still enjoy the true stories of life living on Exmoor, told by Ellie Keepers and embellished throughout with wonderful photographs of the landscape, the flora, and the fauna, that make Exmoor such a magical place to live.

You can see the contents page, and the first story “The Cottage” in the preview pages in the image gallery, to give you an idea of what to expect.


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