East End Papers – Hardcover


From the back of the book

When young Victor Roberts is wrenched from his comfortable middle-class life, he pursues a career with a modest legal firm in the impoverished East End of Victorian London. He swiftly establishes a reputation for turning every problem into an opportunity and gains the respect of the close-knit East End community and his employers.

But while Victor strives to help everyone, from pub landlords, prostitutes and street urchins to merchants, builders and even the aristocracy, there are others with less philanthropic aims. A series of sensational murders steals the headlines of all the East End papers, while an international fraud and more unexplained murders take place against the background of the affluent West End. Can Victor, moving comfortably between these two disparate worlds, draw all the clues together and bring the culprits to justice?

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First edition hardcover copy. ISBN: 9781911438779
Dimensions: 222 x 144 x 25 mm – 240 pages



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