Children of the Wise Oak – Paperback


As Blyth approaches manhood in the Celtic village which is all the world he and his brothers have ever known, he dreads warrior training. All he wants is a quiet life. When his father returns from distant lands, instead of giving him a more settled family, events force him and his two brothers to flee from home.

Taken under the wing of the powerful ‘Deru-Weidi’ mages their journey leads them across a continent and their adventures force them all to grow up more quickly than warrior training would ever have done.

Historical fantasy set in iron age Britain and late Republican Rome.

Suggested age range : Tweens, Teens, Adult

Length : 232 pages plus notes and glossary

This is the first edition which was a run of just 200 copies most of which are already sold. The edition sold on Amazon for the same price is a print to order version from Createspace.

This edition can be signed by the author with a personal message if requested.



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Paperback first edition of “Children of the Wise Oak


Book one of a planned series of nine.


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