Announcing the Birth of Twins During Lockdown

Blue Poppy Publishing is thrilled to be able to announce that author Bethany Askew has delivered twins. To be specific, we are talking here of non-identical twin novels.

In the early hours of 28th April we welcomed the arrival of Three Extraordinary Years: The Coleridges at Stowey, and The Two Saras: Coleridge in Cumbria. Both weighed in at a healthy nine pounds each (£8.99 to be exact) and will be available from all good bookshops just as soon as all good bookshops are able to reopen and Gardners wholesale distribution returns to normal.

In the meantime, you can still buy both books on our website through our fully secure shop and best of all, there is no extra charge for postage and packing.

2 thoughts on “Announcing the Birth of Twins During Lockdown”

  1. These two books throw a fascinating light on the life of Samuel and Sara Coleridge from their first passionate married years through to their mutual disenchantment of later years. Bethany Askew’s two novels can stand alone, but are a perceptive insight into two lives when read in sequence. If you have not read these books before you visit the cottage in Nether Stowey, now a National Trust property, you will want to read them after your visit.
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s erudition and scholarship were exceptional, yet he was a flawed genius and, even by the standard of his days, a totally self-centred character, not an easy husband for Sara to have. The writer’s convincing picture of the excitements of their early days together, the births of their first and second sons before Sara’s lonely distress of the second infant son’s death while her husband Samuel is away pursuing his own interests in Germany is a story well told.
    Samuel’s poetry has stood the test of time and remains, two centuries later, key to many an education syllabus. These books are an important insight into the tangled background from which his work emerged. The author provides a fine read to understanding the circumstance of those years.

  2. Once I started reading Three Extraordinary Years, I couldn’t put the book down. The author has a superb way of immersing the reader into their lives. Not only does she describe the area of the quantocks so vividly and passionately, we also gain an insight into the hard life Sara had. I loved Sara, who was a strong woman. I wanted to know what happened after they moved from Somerset and couldn’t wait to start the second book, The Two Saras, which I am half way through. I highly recommend buying both books. A wonderful read.

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