“Error” 1st Edition hardcover “Men of the Wise Oak”


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Men of the Wise Oak with Error. Missing Blue Poppy logo from Spine.

Only 12 copies of this error version exist. A short run was done to meet specific demand for hardback copies of the third book in the Wise Oak series but we somehow managed to leave off the blue poppy logo on the spine.

Luckily only twelve copies were done like this. Two of them have already gone and there are ten left. If you want to kid yourself that they will one day be worth more then now is the time to get a copy, but please be aware that Oliver will almost certainly never become famous enough for the rarity value to count for anything.

To be clear, you are buying a copy of Men of the Wise Oak with a cosmetic error on the cover design, i.e. missing the Blue Poppy Logo, so it does not match the other two in the series.

The good news is the interior is fine and so you can still read and, hopefully, the book.

Oliver will sign them for you as well if desired, with any form of dedication you wish (within reason), and the good news is they are the same price as the corrected version will be offered for. £12

I should add that until these are sold we’re genuinely not going to have any money spare to get any additional copies printed. Yes, our finances are THAT tight!



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